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Mow Cove
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Sun Nov 28 18:42:31 2021
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Reglas del servidorEstas son las reglas de =FMJ=Snipers|TDM|

1. No Foul Language Or Racist Comments. It Will Not Be Tolerated.
2. Please Use English For Text Chat & Voice Chat. 
3. No Hacking Or Cheating Of Any Kind! You Will Be Instantly Banned From All =FMJ=Servers.
4. No Disruptive Play, Annoying Other Players In General.
5. No Spamming or Advertising.
6. No Jumping Out Of Maps And Using Possible Glitches To Your Advantage.
7. Stay Out Of Your Team Mates Location. Do Not Give Away Their Position.
8. Failure To Comply With These Rules May Result In A Kick Or Ban From The Server.
1=FMJ=SMiLeY85 1.6
2K-O-B-A-C20 2
3=Elphits=11 1
4Spaces_Vinitsia00 0
5=FMJ=Lima500 0
6DutchSnowMan712 0.58
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